I loved meeting all of the people and interacting with them in such a magical way. This experience will be with me forever! It causes one to think about all of the possibilities available to us in our lives that we are not taking advantage of in order to “seem” normal.
— Val McGaughey
So thought provoking and led me to do research on Fairy Tales and archetypes...
— Mamie Hilliard
The guided meditation was excellent and a great way for each person to connect with inner voice. I especially enjoyed hearing about each person’s experience. My most favorite aspect was the freedom of co-creating in a group without rules. This is a wonderfully deep way of connecting with source and an avenue to go deeper.

I especially like the process of creativity without restraints. There were no rules and this was a very abstract process. It was fascinating to see myself and other individuals struggle with the freedoms of having no restraints or rules to go by. Creating as we wished in the moment.

Reaching in and pulling from deep within myself ways to find solutions as a community. Although, I am not sure there was anything to solve. The process of working together on the subconscious was fascinating. It let me see my own struggles with freedom in creating. It helped me meld components of myself that needed melding and reminded me of my constant access to higher guidance, wisdom and spiritual teachers that are unseen but always supportive.

I don’t see how this could have been any better. It was amazing. No one wanted to leave, we were all so into the process. Thank you for bringing us all together and providing this amazing experience. I am very grateful.
— Conway Weary
I felt very much caught up in the creation of this world of a fable. It reminded me of dreams in which I am on the outskirts of a town and am in unfamiliar territory, where the ‘civilized’ gives way to wilder areas, ones with more possibilities.
— Joyce Black-Woerz
...lots to think about and move forward with.
— Laura Ladendorf
I most enjoyed being able to process symbolism from ancient stories and apply that information to my current life experiences. I loved the non-controlled and abstract method of this approach. This process lends itself well to experiencing mythology. It also allows all members a voice and assures interaction. The variations of techniques such as meditation, drawing, collage, perfectly timed discussion in small and the larger group kept me very interested.

The well organized materials and the timing of the activities (processes) were perfect also. I do not know how it could possibly be better! I was most interested and surprised to find that the process expanded my awareness and understanding of my true self.

The most valuable aspect to me was to find more proof that nothing is separate. We are in the story and out of the story, we are the story, and the story is us. I would love to participate again.
— Tekla Howachyn