A few years ago, I joined an online dreaming event: On that winter solstice in 2012, we gave ourselves the suggestion to dream of healing the earth, and subsequently shared our dreams in an online forum. This is about my dream.

From a gray and dingy cityscape, I descend what seems like a subway stair, into a tiled area, from which I enter a dark, womb-like space.

Deep underground, I move from room to room. The rooms are cave-like and dark, with orange or red glow. In each room, there is another dance class––-all ages and cultures. I keep walking…First I am under the US, then Europe, Russia, China…This vast network of dancers goes on and on. I am amazed at how extensive it is! Yet, after a while, I begin to feel claustrophobic--because there doesn’t seem to be any other way out of this space and back to the surface. I retrace my steps through many, many rooms, all across the world, to find my way back to the stairs I came down.

The underworld, so rich and full of creative promise, is there for us all, promising connection. Indeed, the connections already exist! Yet many are unaware of the hidden potential lying so close at hand. Some simply don’t know how to get there. I wish it were easier to travel back and forth between this “underground movement” and everyday awareness. I resolve: “This is my work: to create more access to the deep, inner realm that connects us all."

I created this image as a response to the dream, a montage composed of twenty-some original photos (2013).