What Is Mythos-Sphere?

Mythos-Sphere brings people together to share the joy of creative expression in community. You will find connection with others, and with yourself. There's always more to the story! Playful creativity provides the opening that leads us to deeper discovery. Mythos-Sphere opens participants to a new way of understanding the stories in which we live.

Imagine a multi-dimensional structure formed of beliefs, images, stories, songs, dreams, memories, patterns, abstractions, artifacts, treasures and junk, meaningful rituals and unconscious habits, broken traditions and emergent ones... 


The Mythos-Sphere is all around you…And you are part of the story


Join a collaborative myth-making project!

Mythos-Sphere is a collaborative myth-making experience that opens the door to a new way of understanding the stories in which we live. Whether it’s a three-day art-and-story-making intensive or a ninety-minute interactive presentation, we use playful creativity to connect with others, and with ourselves. Together, we build a narrative structure with the depth to hold all our views.

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Why Mythos-Sphere?

In a fast-paced world of cultural confusion and disjunction, we need new approaches to communicate and resolve misunderstanding. Mythos-Sphere provides a method for establishing common ground and common language, and a model for active listening and sharing, through the balanced use of intuition and intellect in the context of a collaborative, creative art-and-story-making project.

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I loved meeting all of the people and interacting with them in such a magical way. This experience will be with me forever! It causes one to think about all of the possibilities available to us in our lives that we are not taking advantage of in order to “seem” normal.
— Val McGaughey

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